Improving Your Smile with Dentures

If you are missing a lot of teeth–or even just a few–dentures can help restore your smile and let you eat foods you are missing out on. Many people feel self conscious and embarrassed if they have gaps in their mouth from missing teeth.

Whether you have lost the teeth over the years or some teeth just never developed, dentures can fill those gaps and give you a smile you are not embarrassed to present. You can click here to find a dentist who offers denture creation and fittings.

More about Dentures

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth and can be either a full set or only a partial set. Partial dentures or bridges can be permanent or removable. The fake teeth will be supported by metal framework and will use your remaining teeth for support. If the bridge is permanent, it will be cemented to the surrounding teeth to keep it safely in place. Full conventional dentures take a bit of time to complete–usually eight to twelve weeks from start to finish. Throughout the process, you will need to have a few different fittings so your dentist will be able to get the best fit. If you have a few teeth remaining, they will be removed and you will have to wait a couple of weeks for the swelling to go down before your dentist can start the process. You may be fitted with a temporary set of dentures while your final set is being made so you don’t have to go without teeth.

Using Your Dentures

When you do get your final set of dentures, they will feel strange in your mouth and loose until your mouth muscles get used to them. You may also have an increase of saliva and minor irritation. You will have to slowly adjust to eating with your new dentures. Your dentist will instruct you to start off with soft foods and slowly work your way back to a normal diet. You will have to avoid eating gum and hard or sticky candy but you should be able to eat whatever else you would like. Your dentures will stay put through suction pressure so you won’t have to use an adhesive unless it makes you feel more comfortable wearing your dentures. An adhesive can help you have a more stable fit and better biting force but it should not be used to correct ill-fitting dentures. If your dentures start to not fit as well as they used to or start causing sores in your mouth, visit your dentist to have them re-fitted. You can click here to find the location of a dentist near you.

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